Keyi Technology and Dongguan Yichi have reached a strategic cooperation to jointly press the "acceleration key" for visual inspection"

Recently, the first full-automatic high-speed bottle cap detector with a detection speed of 2500/min in China was officially applied. This project is madeAI Vision Inspection Leader Keyi Technologyandbottle cap packaging industryAutomation EquipmentDongguan Yichi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as: Dongguan Yichi) jointly developed and produced.the two sides reached a strategic cooperation in 202020to carry out in-depth cooperation on the stability and speed of equipment automation, and to promote the wide application of AI vision inspection equipment in various sub-sectors.

Dongguan Yichi is committed to the development of automation equipment in the bottle cap packaging industry and adheres to the aim of developing and manufacturing better products. After 20 years of innovation and development, the equipment around its leading cap products has won rave reviews in the industry. In the application of automation equipment in the bottle cap packaging industry, Dongguan Yi Chi has set a benchmark for domestic bottle cap automation equipment.

Keyi Technology and Dongguan Yichi has ushered in a new era of domestic visual inspection equipment, and the joint research and development project is even more so.opened the prelude of the domestic full-automatic bottle cap detector with a speed of 2500/min.

Keyi Technology, said: "We are very happy to reach a strategic cooperation with Dongguan Yichi. In the future, the two sides will continue to carry out in-depth exploration on industry pain points and scenario applications to jointly promote the landing of national brands. In the next step, we will break through the technical difficulties of 3000/min and completely break the monopoly of foreign technology."

Keyi Technology is well aware of corporate social responsibility, is committed to promoting the development of AI visual inspection, constantly seeking breakthroughs, and reaching strategic cooperation with Dongguan Yichi,applies a complete set of vision systems such as the AI algorithm, camera and light source of Keyi Technology to the Dongguan Yi Chi bottle cap detection machine.recently, the two sides jointly developedthe first full-automatic high-speed bottle cap detector landing application,broke through the bottleneck of domestic bottle cap defect detection speed, break the foreign speed monopoly situation.

In the future, the two sides will take strategic cooperation as an opportunity to continue to promote substantive business cooperation of AI visual inspection system in various subdivisions, establish technical exchange mechanism, share ecological partner resources, and carry out more extensive and constructive exchanges and cooperation in the field of new AI industrial technologies.