Industrial Distribution

High-precision AI algorithms meet hundreds of subdivision scenarios

  • Appearance Defect Inspection of Products

    Focus on Subdivided Industries to Solve Detection Problems

    is mainly used in the detection of product appearance defects in the industrial field, including black spots, scratches, breakage, foreign matter, different colors, deformation, specifications, phase III, EAN commodity bar codes, etc.

    Application Scope

    bottle cap, bottle body, bottle embryo, cup filling, filling, code spraying (missing, fuzzy, not code spraying), wine packaging, bowl, medical packaging; Non-woven fabric, local cloth, denim, embroidered cloth; Capacitance, lighting display, electronic components, shielding cover, connecting piece; New crown test kit, gloves, measuring cup, syringe, pregnancy test stick, etc.

  • Grain Quality Analysis

    Automatic, Information and Intelligent Grain Incomplete Grain Analysis Solution

    KVS-G series grain quality analyzer is composed of a vision system, a software system and other module structures. When the grain enters the camera's field of view, the grain is photographed. Through the registration algorithm, the characteristics of a complete grain are comprehensively obtained, and the artificial intelligence algorithm is used for attribute recognition. Determine whether there are problems such as disease spots, mildew, budding, damage, and insect erosion.

    Application Scope

    to analyze the quality of agricultural products that can be placed smoothly, such as rice, corn, wheat, melon seeds, pine nuts, almond, coffee beans, etc., classify and count them according to the national standard, separate and weigh different types (optional).

  • Resource recovery

    AI Helps Promote Sustainable Development


    Keye Technology is based on AI algorithm classification, template matching algorithm, data preprocessing algorithm and other technologies to classify recyclable waste. It can accurately identify the materials that customers want to classify from mixed, stacked, stuck, damaged, and dense materials., And accurately sort out.

    Application Scope

    classification of construction waste, kitchen waste, industrial waste, recycled plastics, domestic waste, etc.